Affiliate program

Invite friends and receive the rewards, together!

Share your referral code with friends in order to connect with eachother.

By connecting with your friends, both players will be rewarded.

The more people you have connected with, the greater your reward share will become.

Upon connecting with someone, both players will receive a 10$ in $WIN* bonus reward.

For every win, an additional 0,5% share will be given out to your connections. This amount will increase with the amount of connections you have made.

Bronze Tier (1-10 connections) = 0,5%

Silver Tier (11-50 connections) = 1%

Gold Tier (51-100 connections) = 2%

Platinum Tier (101~500 connections) = 3%

Diamond Tier (1000+ connections) = 5%

As time progressess more incentives will be given to those who contribute to the ever expanding Winbit Casino platform.

*Both players need to have deposited at least 100$ in $WIN tokens in order to receive the bonus reward.

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