Staking & Profit sharing

By owning a part of the project, you will start earning a part of the revenue. It is really that simple.

Everyone that has a Winbit account that holds $WIN will be allegeable for the revenue share. So even without a lock-up of your tokens, you will earn weekly rewards automatically.

Start earning by simply holding $WIN. That's right, no lock-up required!

However for those that prioritize the investment side over the gaming side of the Winbit casino, there is an option to lock your $WIN tokens for increased staking rewards for an even greater passive income. You can lock-up your tokens for 1 month, 3 months and 1 year.

50% of the revenue share is distributed to holders of $WIN wether the tokens are locked up or not. All that is required is to have a Winbit account.

The other 50% of the revenue is shared amongst the people that have locked-up their tokens. So effectively by locking up your tokens, you will receive additional rewards on top of the 1st 50% share. The rewards are categorized below :

  • 1 Month lock-up = 5%

  • 3 Month lock-up = 15%

  • 1 Year lock-up = 30%

All revenue is paid out in $USDT.

The share is distributed in accordance with the holdings. More $WIN will result in a larger piece of the pie.

There is no minimum $WIN amount required in order to start earning passive income.

To see the model of revenue share check out

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