Buy-back mechanism

Winbit Casino allocates a portion of its monthly profits (10%?) to repurchase its own tokens from the open market. These tokens are bought back using funds from the project’s treasury. The buyback process helps reduce the total supply of tokens available in circulation.

What will happen with the bought tokens?

The Winbit team and the community will decide what will happen with the tokens of certain buybacks.

After purchasing the tokens, Winbit Casino burns them. In other words, the tokens are permanently removed from circulation. Token burning reduces the overall supply, which can positively impact the token’s price. The burned tokens no longer exist, ensuring scarcity and potentially increasing demand.

Distribution to Stakeholders

The tokens are distributed among stakeholders. Stakeholders are users that have staked their Winbit tokens in the staking pool. This distribution rewards loyal participants and aligns their interests with the project’s success.


Winbit Casino may also choose to airdrop tokens to specific wallet addresses.These airdrops are typically based on certain criteria or tasks completed by users. For example, users who actively participate in the Winbit Casino ecosystem, refer others, or contribute to the community may receive airdropped tokens.

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