A leaderboard has been integrated in the Winbit Casino platform to add an additional way to reward players for their efforts. By showing statistics of each individual and giving them ranks accordingly, the Winbit playerbase can show to the world how much $ they have made, and the amount of games they have played.

The ranks will be given in brackets, and we will look for ways to reward people based on their ranks (stay tuned to all our socials for updates).

Ranks :

  1. Bronze Better I

  2. Bronze Better II

  3. Bronze Better III

  4. Silver Spinner I

  5. Silver Spinner II

  6. Silver Spinner III

  7. Gold Gambler I

  8. Gold Gambler II

  9. Gold Gambler III

  10. Platinum Punter I

  11. Platinum Punter II

  12. Platinum Punter III

  13. Diamond Dicer I

  14. Diamond Dicer II

  15. Diamond Dicer III

  16. Grandmaster Gambler

  17. Celestial Champion

  18. Casino Connoisseur

The final 3 ranks are achieved by being in the very top % of the playerbase. These ranks can only be given out to a small number of players as they will be tracked live from week to week.

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