Public chatbox

Hang out with friends and other like-minded individuals.

To make the Winbit casino platform even more engaging, a public chatbox has been integrated. Whether you are at the home screen or at a live table chasing your next big win, you can now chat with all other platform users as well as the moderators and team, So that you will never be alone in your Winbit casino journey.

By being active in the chat, your name will change colour, this will show everyone that you have been around for a while and this will automatically make you a respectable individual.


  1. White

  2. Green

  3. Blue

  4. Purple

  5. Yellow

  6. Orange

  7. Red

These ranks will be given out by moderators or team members as they evaluate your input on a day to day basis.

Hanging out with the community has never been this easy.

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