Total supply

The tokenomics serves as the cornerstone of Winbit Casino’s economic framework. It embodies our values, aligns incentives, and drives our mission to create a decentralized future.

Ticker : $WIN

Total supply : 500,000,000 $WIN

Tokens for Presale: 115,000,000 $WIN

Tokens for Liquidity: 55,717,500 $WIN

Contract address (SOL) : FF71MVJYgMeGcJRjvdLUkThHupPFNvXyVPCWdq7VPsXd

Pool adress: DcyzUYHiTJGwqfmo2MDzTnfh25wRqLsSo6Ji5ESphxkz

Transaction Fee : 0% Buy / 0% Sell

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